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A talk by Jennai Bundock about patriarchy, animal liberation, organising, and why hardcore bros are bad at making mixtapes….

This is me talking about feminism. Don’t tell the menz on Facebook my tumblr URL. They won’t get it.

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Patti SmithRote Fabrik Zürich, 1976


Patti Smith
Rote Fabrik Zürich, 1976

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The most important photo.

The most important photo.

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"My cheeks grow dandelions, and I always thought they were so pretty until I was told they were weeds, and I spend most of my days wondering about the difference, and wondering if I can ever forgive the person who pointed it out."
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"Women are not really welcome in football. Sexism is built into the sport, and it extends from front offices to the bars where women who know to call it football go to watch games. We are assumed to be with our boyfriends. We are met with snide remarks and knowing smiles — we’re only there, obviously, to watch attractive men run around and tussle with other attractive men. No woman could possibly like football the way men do, understand how it’s played, know its history, or appreciate the skill behind James Rodriguez’s goal against Japan or the evil genius of Robben’s drawn foul against Mexico. Forty-three percent of World Cup 2010’s global audience was female, but the people hired to write about, comment on, and narrate this World Cup remain almost exclusively male. The message is clear: only men are real fans; women are fangirls."
Soccer Needs to Embrace Its Female Fans (x)

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